Chris's first flight was a totally unmemorable Continental Airlines trip from Kansas City to Denver in the summer 1965. Although the flight was unmemorable, it led to an adventure that continues to this day.  At the end of that flight was the US Air Force Academy.  And by graduation in June 1969, Chris had gained 30 hours in Air Force T-41s,  an FAA Private Pilot's license,  a dozen hours or so in the back seat of a Korean War vinatage T-33, navigation training in the Air Force T-29, as well as basic parachute training at Fort Benning GA and advanced parachuting at the Academy.

Conviar T-29 Flying Classroom

Cessna T-41

Northrop T-38 Talon, still in use today

Lockheed T-33 Shooting Stars  over Mount Ranier

Graduation brought new flight adventures.  USAF pilot training in the Cessna T-37.  The venerable "Tweety Bird" (so-called because of it's high-pitched engines) served as the Air Force's introduction to the wonderful world of jet aircraft.  This was capped off with six months flying the Northrop T-38.  For Chris, and thousands of other Air Force pilots over the last 50 years, this is the aircraft that provided thrills like supersonic flight, four-ship formation flight, and loops and cloverleafs that took 5,000 feet of altitude to complete.

Lockheed C1-141 Starlifter

venerable Cessna T-37 "Tweety Bird"

Graduation from USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training brought the first "working" Air Force assignment - three enjoyable years flying the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter.  This aircraft took Chris all over the world, west to Bangkok and the Far East, and eastward to Europe and to Isreal during the Yom Kipur war.

But then, reassignment back to the Air Force Academy, and a chance to pass on to others what he had learned.  Four years teaching flying skills to Air Force cadets imparted a love of teaching.

In the last 30 years, Chris has flown with hundreds of students and in more than 50 different aircraft models, from gliders to twin-engine aircraft.  And he has yet to find an airplane, or a student, that has not brought joy. 

And since?  Chris has spent the last 40+ years as a part-time, free-lance instructor.  His FAA ratings include
Certified Flight Instructor, airplanes, single-engine land, sea
Certified Flight Instructor, airplanes, multi-engine land
Certified Flight Instructor, airplanes, instruments
Ground Instructor, Advanced
Ground Instructor, Instruments
Master Certified Flight Instructor
FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor
Airline Transport Rating

And other awards include:
FAA Safety Team Member of the Year, 2015
FAA Flight Instructor of the Year (Central Region) 2018
Wright Brothers Master Pilot, recognizing 50 years of accident-free flying

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National associations include:
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)
Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE)

Local and regional associations include
Angel Flight Central helping ordinary people in extra-ordinary circumstances
EAA Chapter 91,   with an emphasis on the EAA Young Eagles Program
Flying Club of Kansas City affordable flying in Kansas City for over 30 years
FAA Safety Team (Kansas City) volunteer


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