Tips, Techniques, and Random Thoughts

Over the years, I have written articles and essays for various flying magazines on a variety of aviation topics.  Here are some that I think are relevant, or just mildly amusing.

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 They say that any landing you can walk away from is a good one.  But some landings leave the plane in pretty bad condition.  Do you need to call the Feds?  Maybe not

 The NASA Report - FAA’s “Get Out of Jail Free’ card, because pilots aren’t always perfect

Understanding Stalls - Some new thoughts

 I Saw That One Coming

Delayed by Thunderstorms - No Big Deal

A Christmas Story - Trees Falling from the Sky?

Instrument Approaches - the Last Three Minutes

Electronic Preflights

Simulation - What will the FAA allow?

Spread Your Wings - FAA Wings Program

Are You the Best You Can Be?

Volunteer Piloting

Habits, Good and Bad

Medical Certificate - Do I need one?

Tips for instructors - Teaching Landings - 1:- on glideslope, on centerline

Tips for instructors - Teaching Landings 2 : a perfect touchdown

Tips for instructors - Where do you find your students?

Tips for instructors - Teaching Navigation in the Computer Age

Tips for instructors - Teaching Basic Instruments - Remember Pattern A?

Instrument Training - Why?

Plan A or Plan B?

Electrical Systems that Die

Pilot or Passenger - Which are you?

In-Flight Medical Emergencies

Are You a Joiner? - or why I like flying organizations

ASR Approaches - Nothing needed but a comm