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Over the years, I have written articles and essays for various flying magazines on a variety of aviation topics. Here are some that I think are relevant, or just mildly amusing

Final Turn in the Azores - I Learned About Flying From That

They say that any landing you can walk away from is a good one. But some landings leave the plane in pretty bad condition. Do you need to call the Feds? Maybe not

The NASA Report - FAAs Get Out of Jail Free card, because pilots aren't always perfect

Understanding Stalls - Some new thoughts

I Saw That One Coming

Delayed by Thunderstorms - No Big Deal

A Christmas story

Instrument Approaches - the Last Three Minutes

Why do I teach?

Electronic Preflights

Simulation - What will the FAA allow?

Spread Your Wings - FAA Wings Program

Are You the Best You Can Be?

Volunteer Piloting

Plan Your Plan B when You Plan Your Plan A

Habits, Good and Bad

Medical Certificate - Do I need one?

Perfect Landings - Simple as 1, 2, 3

Engine Failures

Electrical Failures

When is the best time to start ground school?  Here are some thoughts

ATC says "Possible Pilot Deviation - Call me" Now what?

Some food for thought concerning running an engine to TBO, from EAA Sport Aviation: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Winter is coming.  Are you ready?

The trusty E-6B flight computer

Where is that smoke coming from?

What's in a flight review?

For a number of years, I wrote a column for  Here are some of my favorites.

Flying Clubs
Winter stories
Aircraft owner paperwork
GPS - is it really that complicated?
Spring Landings
Spring Flying
How did we get from There to Here?-Part 1
How did we get from There to Here?-Part 2
My Oshkosh Adventure - 2013
Aircraft Design Compromises
IMC Clubs
Staying Current
Bird Watching
Cross country planning
Where do I go from here-part 1?
Where do I go from here-part 2?
New airplane? - It's hot - Class B
Last non-app cockpit
Better than a $100 hamburger
The ASR approach - nothing to do but listen
Passenger Emergencies
Are You a Joiner? EAA - AOPA - why you should join
Pilot or Passenger - Which are You?

Airspeeds, I
Airspeeds, II


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updated August, 2020