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who is this guy? Chris's first flight was a totally unmemorable . . .(more)

It is ICY COLD out there - Here are some tips for winter weather

ice sickles
ice sickles

Lots of other stuff 
still pertinent

Associations and affiliation, local and national include  . . . (more)

What does it take to get a Private Pilot's License?

UPDATE  Here's what I am curently into: 

Free flights for kids

Free flights for folks with a medical need

You can be part of these. Join me!

So, what is a Master Instructor?
And what is a Gold Seal Instructor?

So, what is a "Sport Pilot"?  What is a "Recrational Pilot"?  Are they somehow different from a"Private Pilot"?  Here is the low-down.

Flying books? Here are some  favorites .(more)

They say that any landing you can walk away from is a good one.  But some landings leave the airplane in pretty bad condition.  Do you need to call the Feds? Probaby not.  Check out these situations.

Flying movies? Here are some favorites . (more)

Help yourself to a quick FAA medical exam.  See how to fast-track the system at the FAA's newest website, Medexpress.faa.gov

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From the FAA, an old mag with a new name.  But still great information.  Check it out

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updated December, 2018